Rednaxela The Dragon

Rednaxela The Dragon – parts 1 and 2 Rednaxela The Dragon and Rednaxela poems are included here.  The post entitled Rednaxela tried not to feel is published elsewhere. The Federal and local police forces in Canada are not at liberty to divulge details about the famous regal dragon. All records pertaining to the dragon have been recently sealed and locked away by the secret organization responsible for overseeing the government. Rednaxela case records were sealed about nine years ago when the oversight committee deemed that national security was threatened by intergalactic forces. Witnesses that filed reports of sightings have also mysteriously vanished fuelling many conspiracyRead More →

Lust For Life Vampire Love

Lust For Life Vampire Love And Sequel What You Did Cannot Be Undone is the sequel to the story which was published in the second book entitled Illusory Realm Of Poetry. The first part of the story was told in the poem Lust For Life Vampire Love which was published in Illusory Realm Of Poetry. Lust For Life Vampire Love – Poem (Part 1) At dusk I heard a meadowlark then saw you lurking in the dark. I turned to dash and tried to flee and failed to utter one last plea. With piercing eyes you mesmerized transfixed I lay there hypnotized enraptured by the spellRead More →

December Rain Tacitly Falls

December Rain Tacitly Falls December Rain Falls is one of the first poems written by Alexander M. R. Smoljanovic. Vancouver was a part of Canada that had weather you could not find anywhere else in the country. It usually rained more during the winter. Several months passed while my application to live in Sweden was being processed. I had to remain in my home country until it was finalized. We were not much concerned about the decision because of the type of application it was. The long wait was the hardest part of the ordeal. It wasn’t an easy task communicating via Skype every day.Read More →

The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride

The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride I was speeding down the bicycle trail unusually fast to meet my sweetheart. It was a blustery day with gusting winds. The winds picked up sporadically without any warning during the afternoon. I don’t mind extreme changes in temperatures but generally dislike wind that interferes with my breathing. My hat blew off my head as I raced down the asphalt path. Not liking my head to be exposed in public, I inadvertently slammed on both the front and rear brakes at the same time. I generally react logically when riding my bike but the hat flying offRead More →

The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me

The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me is a fictional sad fantasy poem that describes an event surrounding the gift of a rose. The act of giving a rose to another can appear innocent but have hidden and deep ulterior motives It is probably better to not offer a rose knowing the receiver will detect insincerity if your heart is untrue. Never fear to offer a rose if it is out of love. Pure motives will cover the giver even in the case of rejection. The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me – Poem TheRead More →

Zarr The Sad Android

Zarr The Sad Android Complete Trilogy Zarr The Sad Android, He Is Light Years Away and Zarr The Sad Android Returns To Earth are the three poems completing the trilogy about the sad android. He Is Light Years Away – poem He is light years away from his planet afar. Sadly missing his home he looks up at a star. His cold silicon heart contains carbon and steel which was lifeless before and not programmed to feel. Zarr is banished to earth and must always remain. Now he plans an escape to see his home again. When receiving new code in his complex mainframe heRead More →

Illusory Realm Of Poetry Book

Illusory Realm Of Poetry book Illusory Realm Of Poetry book was the first book written by Alexander M. R. Smoljanovic and is available in two versions.  The book is available in eBook and paperback format. He wrote the poetry using a strict rhyming policy. Each version of the book contains a collection of original poems spanning various categories including Romantic Love, Fantasy, Fiction, Non-fiction, Sad and Dark, Fiction and Science Fantasy.  All poems come with artwork created specifically for each piece.  Every poem contains snapshots of actual animations created for the poetry collection. He used Electronic Publication format to write Illusory Realm Of Poetry then converted the book to Mobipocket formatRead More →

I Hear A Whisper In The Breeze

I Hear A Whisper In The Breeze I hear a whisper in the breeze is a poem about an encounter in the woods where a relationship results but turns out to be short-lived. This poem best fits the categories fantasy poetry and sad poetry. An arrow accidentally brings the beautiful forest nymph into my life. I was not aiming at her and felt remorse when I saw the damage done. Her wounds eventually healed and left no permanent damage. The scars were significantly smaller than those left on my heart. I suspect she was actually a different creature that was transformed into human form to teach meRead More →


A Canadian In Sweden This post entitled A Canadian In Sweden is a compilation of seven posts that existed on a previous website. A Canadian in Sweden – Part 1 I am a Canadian in Sweden. Back in December of 2012, I was anxiously awaiting the day I would say good-bye to my friends in Vancouver Canada and relocate to a little town in southern Sweden. I finished doing my dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Then I looked around at the apartment where I lived for the last 9 years wondering what it was going to be like in Sweden with my sweetie Swedie Pia.Read More →