3D illusory realm of conceptual art

3D illusory realm of conceptual art by Alexander Smoljanovic

Welcome to this site

Welcome to 3D Illusory realm of conceptual art created and maintained by owner Alexander Smoljanovic. I have built 2 separate websites on 2 different domains. This website is on smoljanovic.net domain. My other mobile responsive website is on domain smoljanovic.eu.

The older Enchanted Animated hearts were created over the last few years beginning in 2010. The Facebook app Enchanted Animated hearts and the animations were designed at the request of my wife who I met on Facebook in July of 2009. The last 26 animated hearts were a little more difficult to complete as I began to write poetry to accompany each animation.

New creations of the older style 3D Enchanted Hearts is currently paused to concentrate efforts in other 3-D areas using alternative tools and techniques. Although the Enchanted Hearts fan page has received over 13,520 likes, I feel the urge to expand and explore other avenues and possibilities adding diversification to avoid creative redundancy.

The next area of animation I am currently experimenting with covers human anatomy and 3-D body movement. I have uploaded one animation to YouTube which demonstrates a moving figure that jumps. You can find the animation Jumping Jax on my News Blog page along with an assortment of other 3-D animations uploaded to my YouTube channel.
I am in the process of expanding my field of experience to online Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading, After some initial investments in the summer of 2014, my online trading activity slowed to a crawl about the same time we took a family vacation to the Republic of Turkiet . I now have much more available time to delve into Forex trading and will resume activities in October.

My Swedish language studies have been put on hold due to a general lack of interest but may resume some time in the near future. I will do it for my sweetie Swedie Pia. I know that she feels it is important for me to understand the language. English is an international language and should be the only one that I need to get by in Scandinavian or other countries.

My wife and I are working out the details regarding where we will live in the near future. We are leaning strongly toward maintaining a main residence in Canada and also another in Sweden. Living primarily in Canada would necessitate much travel visiting family in Sweden every year. It seems my wife is more intent on living primarily in Canada more than I am. I suppose it is because it would be nothing new to me since I have lived there most of my life.

Another possibility is to live in southern Europe since I was born in the Federal Republic of Jugoslavia a long time ago when Tito was president. The countries have been split up since then but I still retain citizenship as I was born in the city of Sarajevo. I haven't ever been back there since we moved to Canada when I was a child but I am looking forward to visiting my nieces and older sister. My sister is a doctor in Serbia.

You can also expect more updates and entries in the near future to the blog section found in the upper menu. I have been preoccupied with moving a website, obtaining a new domain and other time-consuming matters recently. I have a few issues to blog about.

Feel free to browse the site and be sure to check out the poetry I have written for my Pia, the Enchanted Animated Hearts and other animated art I have created over the past few years.

Donations to support my current and future art projects are appreaciated