Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose

Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose

Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose is an Illusory Realm of Poetry poem written from selected fragments of dreams that occurred over a period of seven days..

Snippets of the poem were recorded on my iPhone notes application as they occurred during the night.

Some of the original lines from the dream were slightly altered to maintain cohesion and some were forgotten. The forgotten lines were later written and inserted to complete the poem.

The animated heart was designed to for the poem but the frames were merged to a single image.

Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose – Poem

Gold autumn leaves with withered rose
crumble like promises we made.
To dust returns the love I chose
as rust consumes the sharpened blade.

Wet grindstone hones the rusted edge.
Love swings the sword I can’t evade.
You watch me teeter on the ledge
but find no words that can dissuade.

My broken thoughts can not sustain
the quest for all that I do lack.
Yet though vague flashbacks still remain
I know this too will fade to black.

I never thought that anything
that felt so right could ever die.
What was once love would later bring
an end to thinking I should try.

Glass promises we sometimes make
reflect not love but self defense.
They tell a lie and only take
then shatter at our own expense.

Love never heard me say I do.
It passed my heart along the way.
No sacrifice will make it true.
I move my rook to end the play.


Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose

Final Thoughts

Roses appear in much of the poetry I have written over the years.  The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me is another post on this blog concerning roses.  One of the newer posts on Loquacious Lair Of Poetry Literature contains my favorite rose poem entitled Roses Sitting On Death Row.

My garden in the front yard here in Sweden is filled with various types of roses including vines, rose plants and rose trees.

CreateSpace is one of the many distributors that carry the paperback version of  Illusory Realm Of Poetry.  The book was published in the eBook and paperback versions of Illusory Realm Of Poetry that preceded Loquacious Lair Of Poetry.

Feel free to follow me on twitter at @Alexrms and also visit our FaceBook page Illusory Realm of Poetry and Enchanted Animated Hearts.

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