December Rain Tacitly Falls

December Rain Tacitly Falls

December Rain Falls is one of the first poems written by Alexander M. R. Smoljanovic.

Vancouver was a part of Canada that had weather you could not find anywhere else in the country. It usually rained more during the winter. Several months passed while my application to live in Sweden was being processed. I had to remain in my home country until it was finalized. We were not much concerned about the decision because of the type of application it was.

The long wait was the hardest part of the ordeal. It wasn’t an easy task communicating via Skype every day. There were other factors contributing to the overall delay even after the application was finally approved. Airline booking and proper termination of the residency agreement added time to the delay.

I finally left Vancouver on Christmas morning without alerting any of my friends or neighbors. My flight included stopovers at Bellingham Washington, Greenland and Iceland. The final destination point was Copenhagen Denmark requiring a train ride to the Vaxjo Station.

I was able to travel directly from the Copenhagen airport to Vaxjo Sweden without having to deal with any type of passport control. The border control is much more stringent now because of various terror attacks since that day on Christmas 2012.

I was Pia’s Christmas present.

December Rain Tacitly Falls – Poem

December rain tacitly falls
echoing softly on the coast.
I hear her voice as though she calls
and miss the one I love the most.

The months have passed and still I wait
Alone I saunter in the rain.
Nothing can hasten more the date
to sooner bring her close again.

And now I wait for many days
to come and go without her here.
December rain and purple haze
on Christmas Day will disappear.


December Rain Tacitly Falls

December Rain appeared in the book entitled Loquacious Lair Of Poetry.

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