Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose

Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose is an Illusory Realm of Poetry poem written from selected fragments of dreams that occurred over a period of seven days.. Snippets of the poem were recorded on my iPhone notes application as they occurred during the night. Some of the original lines from the dream were slightly altered to maintain cohesion and some were forgotten. The forgotten lines were later written and inserted to complete the poem. The animated heart was designed to for the poem but the frames were merged to a single image. Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose –Read More →

enchanted hearts windows game

Enchanted Hearts Windows Game Enchanted Hearts Windows Game version two is based on a vintage shooter game I created back in 1999 and rewrote recently using an animated hearts theme.  The Windows platform program is written in Visual Basic using Direct X.  Object of the game is to finish several levels of play by shooting down enemy fighters while maintaining and rebuilding health. Enemies must be eliminated while avoiding laser and missile hits. I created custom soundtracks that change throughout the levels and sound effects for shooting and explosions.  Sound effects and soundtracks which can be individually turned on or off by the player are also included.  The original gameRead More →


A Canadian In Sweden This post entitled A Canadian In Sweden is a compilation of seven posts that existed on a previous website. A Canadian in Sweden – Part 1 I am a Canadian in Sweden. Back in December of 2012, I was anxiously awaiting the day I would say good-bye to my friends in Vancouver Canada and relocate to a little town in southern Sweden. I finished doing my dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Then I looked around at the apartment where I lived for the last 9 years wondering what it was going to be like in Sweden with my sweetie Swedie Pia.Read More →