Capital G Or Puny God

Capital G Or Puny God

What would I do if judgment day happened?

I would be fair and give god every chance to explain why he was hiding and impotent since the beginning of time.  He would certainly have ample opportunity to explain all his atrocious behavior recorded in the bible including murder, famine, disease and worldwide genocide of his creations.

Am I angry at capital ‘g’ or any of the other lowercase gods?  Of course not.
Being angry about a non-existent deity invented by humans would be highly illogical for a rational person.

God would and could never be the deity described in scriptures written by his so-called creations.  How mankind came to be in existence is unknown but being created by the constructs of their own imagination just never happened.

It is apparent that most of the sheep promoting their religious beliefs probably believe their own delusions. The religious leaders that rely on the flock mentality of impressionable and vulnerable victims are guilty of abusing power and authority.  Most dangerous are the leaders responsible for the duping of innocent subjects with the absurd notion of a god that even they don’t really support or believe.  Even the leaders of every religious faction admit that religion is a form of control instituted by man.

The god mythologies were invented by humans in an effort to explain the mysteries that were and still are not explainable today.  Fear is the biggest reason that people gravitate to religion.  Fear that proper social conduct cannot occur without god is a prime example of why religion is so prominent and resilient.  Fear of the permanency of death is probably another reason that religion thrives.

The invention and idea of god have always been severely flawed but was adequate to convince uneducated and primitive people long ago.  A myriad of gods have been fabricated since the beginning of time and thousands still exist today.  It is not possible that ALL of them could be TRUE but certainly possible that ALL of them could be FALSE.

The biggest difference between Santa Clause and god is the age group each was designed for.  Both ideas are designed to dangle an unattainable carrot to promote certain behavior.

It is unfortunate that people still propagate the idea of an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient being that can overcome any imaginable problem but never does while being conveniently invisible and mute.

The undeniable fact that women are oppressed by religion including Islam proves that men, in particular, were responsible for writing the content found in the scriptures.  The bible commanded women to have their heads covered and be silent in church.  Women even today must still hide most of their bodies in the desert.  Slavery and inequality were condoned by religion and was deep-rooted in scripture.

Religions today cherry-pick the parts of scripture that most suit them sociologically. Imagine how the apostle Paul would have reacted to the news that women can be religious leaders and homosexual simultaneously.

Men created god not the other way around. Any true god would never be as puny as the those fabricated by mere humans.

Even fictional characters like the Hulk know that gods are puny!

Religious leaders that actively encourage their flocks to study the bible or other so-called holy books actually push members away by hastening the revelation that god does not exist.  The church admins should stick to their carefully devised doctrines if they want to keep their members in line instead of advocating study and education.

It is practically impossible for religious groups to reel victims back in after their eyes have been opened to the fact that god does not exist.

I have spoken!
Capital G

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